Why a blog?


My friends Betsy and Megan regularly meet me for lunch to laugh and cry about the madness that is graduate school.  I always make sure to update them about my latest literary adventures and it occurred to Betsy one day that I should share my love of books with the world through a blog.  Megan quickly agreed. I balked; I wondered why anyone would read a blog about what I’m reading (I’m certainly not famous and even my most devoted friends must get tired of how often I talk about books).

I surveyed a few friends and was surprised to find out that yes, in fact, a blog summarizing what I’ve read would be just the thing.  I began to turn the idea around in my head and I started to think that maybe this could work.  I like to read and people are constantly asking me for book recommendations.  The only real extra “work” would be posting to the blog and I figured if I can raise two kids, go to graduate school full time, work as a graduate assistant and  teach high school students, I could probably figure out a blog.

I intend to post every time I finish a book – how often that will be is anyone’s guess.  I won’t include children’s books because that would get a bit cumbersome, but I will include everything else that I read.  The genres will range from adolescent literature to poetry, biographies to historical fiction, and everything in between.

I still can’t imagine that anyone will actually read this but if nothing else, it will make for an interesting compilation to share with my students. I plan to include a picture of the book in question, the genre, the page count, the publication date, a summary of the book and whether or not I would recommend it, a blurb about what may be deemed offensive or inappropriate (particularly important if the book is being considered for a classroom)  and a particularly noteworthy excerpt from the book.

With that said, Welcome to Bridget’s Bookshelf!


6 thoughts on “Why a blog?

  1. Hi Bridget! What a great idea! I look forward to seeing what you read. Could I make one request though? Unlike you, the only books I usually have to read are children’s books. I know your kiddos are becoming every bit the readers that you are, and I’m wondering if once a month or even less you could do a post about your favorite children’s book you’ve ready lately? I am always looking for new books for the boys and I’m sure you and the kiddos are reading some great ones! Just a thought, I’m hoping your blog inspires me to read actual grown up book to! fingers crossed!


  2. Love your blog! I love to read too! I am always looking for a great book to read as well. Suggestion for a book to read, “We are all completely beside ourselves.” Excellent book.


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