When a Man Loves a Woman by Alina Adams


Genre: Romance

Page Count: 377

Publication Date: 2000

Summary: Deborah Brody and James Elliot have been best friends since medical school.  When Brody’s husband Max suddenly dies, she finds herself grieving and needing comfort – and she finds it in the arms of Elliot.  They struggle to figure out if they can really remain just friends after that night of passion.

Recommended: OH MY GOSH YES! This is one of those books that you get sucked into and stay up late into the night reading.  The tension and the passion between the two doctors is sizzling and you just keep thinking to yourself “Just get together already!” The drama in the hospital is also really exciting.

If You’re Offended: The author manages to use the word “damn” in some form an impressive 60 times but other swearing is kept to a minimum.  There are some sex scenes.

Noteworthy Excerpts: “Make a list of the hundreds of children who are alive today because of your choice to become a neurosurgeon instead of a mother. How the hell can you feel guilty in the face of that?”       “I am not mad at you. I wish I were. Because mad… mad burns hot and bright, and then mad goes away. Mad is easy to fix. But I’m not mad. I’m hurt. And hurt is forever.”

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