Annie’s Wild Ride by Alina Adams


Genre: Romance

Page Count: 282

Publication Date: 1998

Summary: Anne and Paul, now divorced, are both in the Air Force and both thrive on being the best at whatever they do.  When Anne is flying with their daughter Amelia in a snowstorm and crashes, Paul will do whatever it takes to save his ex-wife and daughter.  Will almost losing Anne (again) be what it takes for Paul to let his real feelings show?

Recommended: Yes, though I will warn you, Paul is a very difficult character to like.  The story is told in the present and in flashbacks to the past.

If You’re Offended: Look out for moderate swearing, including the use of GD.  There are also sex scenes.

Noteworthy Excerpts: “The splintering glass, the screech of wheels, the howl of the wind, and the groan of the tree ripped out by its roots and splitting a portion of wing off along with it, made it impossible for Anne to hear the bone in her arm shatter.”    “If you can not loan me a helicopter to rescue a fellow officer, then, in the name of God, as one merciful human being to another, loan it to me so I can save my family.”

A Man Named Dave by Dave Pelzer


Genre: Auto-Biography

Page Count: 290

Publication Date: 1999

Summary: The final book in the trilogy (“A Child Called It” and “The Lost Boy”), this book recounts Dave’s entry into the Air Force, the rocky relationship that led to the birth of his son, and Dave’s coming to terms with what happened to him as a child as a result of the relationships with both of his parents.

Recommended: Yes. This book offers a glimpse into why things turned out the way they did in Dave’s life, but more importantly, how he was able to overcome so much and become successful in his own right.

If You’re Offended: You might want to steer clear of this book. There is a LOT of swearing throughout the book, including 6 instances of GD.

Noteworthy Excerpts: “Every day in the late afternoon our squadron received mail call, and every day my heart pounded with excitement. But the only letters I received regularly were crumpled ones addressed to my father with RETURN TO SENDER stamped on the envelope.”      “I had the self-esteem of an ant. I was deathly afraid of women. I felt unworthy even of looking at them for more than a few quick seconds, let alone talking with one. That’s why I was so overwhelmed, confused, and yet enchanted by Patsy’s interest in me.”