Looking For Me by Beth Hoffman


Genre: Fiction

Page Count: 354

Publication Date: 2013

Summary: Teddi (Theodora) Overman grew up in rural Kentucky and has always had a knack for repairing furniture. Due to the kindness of strangers, she ends up realizing her dream of owning a furniture and antique shop in Charleston, SC. The story goes back and forth between the past and present to show you the relationship between Teddi and her family, particularly her brother who went missing years earlier.

Recommended: Yes. This is one of those books that had me turning the pages quickly to see how it would end.  I love that it is set in Charleston, SC as I grew up near there and if you’re from that area, you’ll recognize The Battery, The Citadel, and the Charleston Naval Shipyard among other things. The brother’s story lends an air of mystery to the tale and there is a dash of romance thrown in at the end.

If You’re Offended: A smattering of foul language adds to the story and should not be too distracting. If you are a grammar junkie like I am, you might notice a few editorial errors in the second half of the book but they are rare and do not distract the eye too much.

Noteworthy Excerpt: “Well, she has high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and Lord only knows what all else is high, low, or out of whack.”    “Dressed in a cream linen suit with a pocket watch chain draped across  his silk plaid vest, the man walked with the aid of a stylish pewter-tipped cane.”