The Lost Boy by Dave Pelzer


Genre: Autobiography

Page Count: 340

Publication Date: 1997

Summary: The sequel to “A Child Called It,” this book continues the author’s story of overcoming an abusive childhood.  In this book, the author goes through the foster care system, juvenile detention, and numerous foster homes. He realizes that when he turns 18, he will need to be self-sufficient so he begins to work and learn how to survive on his own.

Recommended: Yes. The author makes bad choices along the way, but he meets people who care about him and want to help him succeed. You’ll be surprised by which parent visits him and under what circumstances.

If You’re Offended: There is a handful of foul language in the book, including the word “retard.”

Noteworthy Excerpts: “David, this is not the time to act funny. You have to understand something: You’re a foster child. A foster child! And because of that, you’ve got two strikes against you. You have to be careful of everything you say and everything you do. If you get into trouble, we… we could lose you.”          “I was fully aware that a cold change was taking place inside of me. I did not care. I told myself that in order to survive, I had to become so hard so that I would never allow anyone to hurt me again.”