Sunday’s on the Phone to Monday


Author: Christine Reilly

Genre: Fiction

Page Count: 318

Publication Date: 2016

Summary: This is the story of Claudio and Mathilde – how they met at a party and fell in love and eventually got married and had kids.  It is a story about life – about growing up and living in New York, about tragedies and miracles and the ordinary moments, about the passage of time.  It is a story about keeping secrets and telling truths.  It is a story about how different we are and yet how our lives are all the same. The story spans from the late 1980’s through 2016.

Recommended: YES.  This book is edgy, raw, and very real.  I felt myself connecting to many of the characters, even the ones who are most flawed.  The author’s choice of words is delightful; however, in my advanced reader’s edition there were numerous typos which I assume would have been fixed upon publication.

Watch Out For:  I thought I could include this book in my classroom library but after reading it, no way.  Watch out for inappropriate language (34 instances of the F-word), several drinking and drug references, multiple sexual references including sexual assault and prostitution, an attempted suicide and a violent death scene.

Noteworthy Excerpts:  “There are dreams out there for everyone, – Jane soothed herself upon waking. Dreaming was a more finished version of hoping.”     “On good days, her doctor would say, let’s see if we can try a smaller dosage. On bad days, he’d say, I’m sorry, and after supper they’d feed her more of what made her feel like she was made of soft-serve ice cream.”