Three Cups of Tea


Authors: Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin

Genre: Biography

Page Count: 349

Publication Date: 2006

Summary: Greg Mortenson, an expert mountain climber, travels to Pakistan to attempt to climb the world’s second-tallest mountain.  He gets lost from his team and ends up in the village of Korphe, a village that has never before seen an outsider.  The villagers take Greg in and care for him and in return, Greg promises to build them a school.  This is the story of Greg’s travels throughout Pakistan and Afghanistan, building schools and providing other instruments of humanitarian aid.

Recommended: Yes, I really enjoyed learning about the Pakistani culture though the book reiterates to me that this is a part of the world that I have no intentions of visiting.  One potential drawback to the book is that I found myself continually questioning how Mortenson and his team spend so much money in such a short amount of time, based on the figures and estimates he provides.

If You’re Offended: There are about 5 instances of swear words.

Noteworthy Excerpts: “After brewing green tea in a blackened tin pot, he added salt, baking soda, and goat’s milk, before tenderly shaving a sliver of mar, the aged rancid yak butter the Balti prize above all other delicacies, and stirred it into the brew with a not especially clean forefinger.”    “She wore her long hair elaborately braided in the Tibetan fashion, under an urdwa, a wool cap adorned with beads and shells and antique coins.”