Really Happy! by Jim Reese


Genre: Poetry

Page Count: 73

Publication Date: 2014

Summary: Jim Reese is a South Dakota college professor who also teaches at the local prison.  His witty insights about these particular events come across in this volume of poetry.

Recommended: Yes.  I love poetry and I found myself rereading particular lines because they captured a particular feeling or moment so perfectly. I especially  enjoyed the poems about Yankton.

Watch Out For:  The speaker in some of the poems is stereotypically male so some of the poems come across as a bit sexist.

Noteworthy Excerpts: “At the head of the line, buying a twelve of Pabst,/ a hairy, overweight man with a plumber-crack/ and a t-shirt two sizes too small/ drops a quarter on the ground.”    “And on the eyelids of one man there are two tattoos that read – GAME OVER”