The Ivy Chronicles by Karen Quinn


Genre: Fiction

Page Count: 342

Publication Date: 2005

Summary: Ivy Ames is a Jewish socialite living the New York high life – she has everything money can buy.  Suddenly her life begins to crumble and she is left without a job and with no real prospects.  Her best friend asks for her advice on how to get her children into the best and most elite kindergartens and Ivy thinks of it as a fantastic business opportunity.  She faces all kind of zany problems trying to help parents get their children into the best schools and has relationship drama of her own along the way.

Recommended: Yes. Some of the scenes are far-fetched (I’m thinking of the alligator disaster) but some of the scenes are pretty funny and certainly outrageous.  I wouldn’t say it is a romance novel but there is certainly a lot of romance thrown in.

If You’re Offended: This book includes a lot of swearing and sexual references.  The sex scenes are short but explicit.

Noteworthy Excerpts: “The cases were filled with every artery-clogging Jewish delicacy that I adored – blintzes, chopped liver, gefilte fish, beef kishke, knishes, rugalach, kasha varnishes. Living above the deli would be hell on my diet.”     “And that’s how Winnie Weiner, nice Jewish girl from the Upper West Side, adored student of Rodeph Shalom Sunday School, became WaShaunte Washington.”