Exceptional Children by William L. Heward


Full Title: Exceptional Children: An Introduction to Special Education

Genre: Textbook

Page Count: 562

Publication Date: 2013

Summary: This book explains the causes and treatments (if available) of a variety of disabilities as well as best practices for teachers of students with those disabilities. Disabilities covered include intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities, emotional or behavioral disorders, autism spectrum disorders, communication disorders, deafness and hearing loss, blindness and low vision, physical disabilities, health impairments, ADHD and low incidence disabilities such as severe/multiple disabilities, deaf-blindness and traumatic brain injury.  Other sections include collaborating with parents of special needs students and working with gifted and talented students.

Recommended: Yes, yes, yes.  This has been an amazing resource as a new teacher and I recommend it for all general education teachers.

If You’re Offended: No problems here.

Noteworthy Excerpts: “Social skills instruction is an important curriculum component for students with emotional or behavioral disorders. Many of these students have difficulty holding a conversation, expressing their feelings, participating in group activities, and responding to failure or criticism in positive and constructive ways.”   “Gifted students who must wait for others to catch up or who are used as tutors in the classroom are not having their needs met.”