Honoring the Medicine by Kenneth Cohen


Title: Honoring the Medicine: The Essential Guide to Native American Healing

Genre: Reference

Page Count: 429

Publication Date: 2003

Summary: This well researched book explores Native American healing, spirituality and life philosophies.  Native American practices are compared with other worldwide indigenous practices and religions. Topics covered include the Vision Quest and dreams, smudging, sweat lodges, sacred pipe ceremonies, herbal healing, good and bad spirits and the importance of nature.

Recommended: Yes, this book is an excellent introduction to Native American beliefs and practices and would make a good reference book.

If You’re Offended: There are only three instances of bad language.

Noteworthy Excerpts: “Although pipes with a separate stem and bowl are now the most common, in ancient times, simple tubular pipes were created from the leg bones of deer, antelope, or other animals. Tobacco was packed in the wider end of the pipe, and the entire pipe could be wrapped with sinew or rawhide to prevent the hot pipe from cracking and to make it easier to hold.”    “Smudging means using the smoke and scent of a smoldering aromatic plant to purify a space of toxic energy, feelings, thoughts, or spirits and to create a fragrant atmosphere that attracts healing and helping powers.”