Reading to Learn in the Content Areas


Authors: Judy S. Richardson, Raymond F. Morgan & Charlene E. Fleener

Genre: Teaching Textbook

Page Count: 478

Publication Date: 2012

Summary: This textbook emphasizes the importance of reading and writing in all subject areas and lists specific activities to incorporate these activities into any classroom.

Recommended: No. Although the textbook did have some good information, it mostly came across as outdated (perhaps because it is 4 years old) – particularly in regards to technology. The book does not incorporate very many pictures, so it comes across as large blocks of text.

If You’re Offended: No problems here.

Noteworthy Excerpts: “Be sensitive to the conditions that may influence students’ behavior and achievements. Students from deprived environments tend to have poor self-concepts and low aspirational levels, to be tardy and absent frequently, to be poorly oriented to school tasks, to display hostility toward school and authorities, and to resist or reject values that are foreign to them.”       “Homework has a significant impact on achievement only if the tasks are relevant and help students spend time practicing classroom topics. Homework can be a good motivator for learning and developing time management skills. Sadly, students often encounter homework that is too difficult or boring and not of any inherent interest to them.”