The Professors’ Wives’ Club by Joanne Rendell


Genre: Fiction

Page Count: 321

Publication Date: 2008

Summary: A group of women bonded by a secret garden in the center of Manhattan University. One woman is trying to gather the courage to leave her abusive husband. One woman is stuck in a loveless marriage and is torn between her lover and her husband. One woman is a stay-at-home mom who misses the drama of being a Hollywood talent agent. One woman lives with her girlfriend but is too afraid to come out to her overbearing parents. A mystery involving Edgar Allan Poe in the background.

Recommended: Yes, this is a fast read with lots of drama! This would be a good choice for a reading group because there is a reading guide at the end of the book.

If You’re Offended: Beware of moderate swearing and sexualized scenes.

Noteworthy Excerpts: “She would come home later and his anger would be forgotten. It was only the times when she stood up to him, the times she argued her point, that he got really mad and then violent.”     “She tried to remind herself that this was her husband, the man she loved, the man she might even have a child with soon. But as she studied him further, he seemed more and more like a stranger, and more and more like someone she used to know and used to love.”