No Turning Back by Estelle B Freedman


Title: No Turning Back – The History of Feminism and The Future of Women

Genre: History

Page Count: 446

Publication Date: 2002

Summary: This book gives an in-depth look at the history of feminism throughout the world. It explores women’s roles throughout time and place as well as the reasons for those roles. It talks about how what is considered proper for a woman has changed over the years and what has caused those changes. Some of the broad topics covered include motherhood, education, and the role of the female body.

Recommended: YES! It can be a bit cumbersome (I would say this book was written to be a college textbook) but the information in it is genuinely interesting.  It does a good job of looking at the history of women all over the world. The book concludes with a thorough index so you can read the entire book or just what interests you.

If You’re Offended: Some controversial topics covered include: prostitution, sexuality, rape, and abortion.

Noteworthy Excerpts: “From 1500 to 1800 four times more women than men were persecuted as witches, with estimates of those killed ranging from a hundred thousand to more than a million.”    “Feminism cannot deny the significance of gender in a world in which 70 percent of those living in poverty and two-thirds of those who are illiterate are female.”